About The Books

About The Books

Celia and Cedric were created by mother and daughter team
Laara Exsnar and Erin Kurt.



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Read and Bake Series,
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About The Creators

In 2007, after Erin Kurt had had her first child, a gorgeous little boy, she sat on the sofa chatting with her mother, Laara Exsnar.  Laara was sharing how she wanted to create children’s books and somehow base them around nutrition.  This reminded Erin of her own dream of writing children’s books; ones that naturally modelled positive character traits such as compassion, integrity, generosity, inquisitiveness and more.

Erin, a former elementarty school teacher, remembered what she used to do with her students to bring their learning alive.

If there was ever the mention of food or a favourite drink in a book she would find a recipe for that and use it to enhance the enjoyment of the book and extend the learning by using the recipe to practise Science and Math skills. Her students always mentioned these experiences as one of their favourites memories in her class.

While chatting away, an idea flashed in Erin’s mind that together, she and Laara could create a children’s book series where the characters would model positive character traits and learn how to make and eat yummy, nutrient-dense food (or as Laara likes to say, “Nutrilicious© Food!”)

The following morning Laara awoke and told Erin that she had dreamt of the names for their characters.

Since Laara was so involved with teaching Foods and Nutrition in the school system and also now being a Holistic Nutritionist, she felt that the name of the little girl character would have to have something to do with food, nutrition or anatomy. 

She thought and thought about this and one morning there it was!  The little girl would be called Celia, named after the word “cilia” which are tiny hair-like structures present on most cells on the body (like the hairs in your nose or the hair on your arms).  Celia needed a friend and Laara wanted it to  be a boy whose name would also begin with “C”. Instantly, the name “Cedric” popped into her head.

Erin LOVED the names! And THAT is how Celia and Cedric were born.

Excitedly, they began discussing the personalities, likes and dislikes of each character.  Then they wrote a list of all the story ideas and decided which of Laara’s Nutrilicious© recipes would work with each story.

It took several years for them to actually create the books, put them in print and create a website,  as Erin moved countries three times, wrote a book and online program for parents who struggled with getting their kids to listen and had another child, this time a girl!

Laara spent years testing her yummy recipes on children of all ages while teaching community workshops for kids.  And, she created her own online program for parents who struggled with picky eaters.

After working with parents and children all over the world they discovered that moms, dads and kids all loved experiences that helped them bond, and that certain experiences like reading and baking together were at the top of their lists as being “the most enjoyable activities” to do together (playing choo-choo train and dollies were further down on the list, especially for parents-can you relate?).

Seeing this reminded Erin and Laara of their Celia and Cedric idea and BOTH felt that the time was right for those little characters to come alive and be shared so that busy families could easily bond, create incredible lasting memories and become unbelievably healthy at the same time.

Currently, there are 3 books available in both print and digital form, with The Yummy Adventures of Celia and Cedric: Amazing Apples! being the book where Celia and Cedric first meet.  

Laara and Erin’s dream is to continue writing more books for the series, create an App for children to engage with, and to see a TV Show, based on the books, be created.

Laara lives with her husand in Vancouver, Canada and Erin, with her husband and two children in London, England. Their mission is to lead children towards living healthy and happy lives.

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About the Illustrator

illustratorJoanna Jarc Robinson Ph. D, is a Children’s Writer, Illustrator, and Education Professional. She has experience writing, editing, illustrating, counseling, providing art therapy, and teaching children and college students. Joanna has a unique knowledge of child development, the learning process, relationships, emotions, and educational curriculum. Her style is playful, fun, silly, and engaging! We also happen to LOVE working with her!